7 Horror Novels and Collections to Bite Into

I scare easily—and badly. After watching a horror movie, I need to watch something fun or action-packed so that I don’t get nightmares. But I love horror. I love reading and watching scary stuff–and reading horror is absolutely chilling.

When it comes to horror, one word always comes to mind. Delicious.

Horror is delicious. It scares us, makes us panic, turns on that basic survival instinct, and gives our fight and flight response a dry run. Even if it’s not Halloween, it’s always a great idea to read horror stories.

This year, I will be reading a ton of mystery and horror novels. Now here are just a few of the ones I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

For the Night Is Dark is a collection of horror stories by 20 authors. It’s under Crystal Lake Publishing, which specializes in horror and dark fantasy. This anthology focuses on creatures and people who dwell in the dark. It has a lot of positive reviews, is just $0.99, and it features many writers of horror who have been writing in the genre for quite some time now.


Charles Dickens can sure creep the dickens out of readers (sorry for the bad pun, I just couldn’t help it). His Three Ghost Stories is a great collection of short stories that showcase his talent in writing horror. He was considered one of the greatest writers of the Victorian age and he did know how to paint the greed and ambition of people with words. This collection is a bit more supernatural.


The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, 25th Edition is an amazingly delicious collection of short stories by bigwigs like Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, and Clive Barker to name a few. Honestly, though, there are so many good titles that made it so difficult not to buy this book like Necrology: 2013, Guinea Pig Girl, What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Z–, By Night He Could Not See, and more.


Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is a collection by M.R. James, a scholar who wrote stories to be read aloud during cold nights and get-togethers. Some of the stories here include terrifying paintings and strange inns. I can’t wait to get spooked by this one.


Dale Bailey’s The Resurrection Man’s Legacy and Other Stories includes the titular novella that got him nominated for a Nebula Award. I’ve just started this one and I could already tell I would have goosebumps before the night was over. According to reviews, the stories range from sci-fi to dark fantasy, but they all have horror elements and they all touch the human soul in unexpected ways.


Graham Masterton has been writing mouthwatering horror novels like The Manitou, House of Bones, Devil in the Grey for a long time now. His books have been on the list of top horror stories to read in different website articles. So, I couldn’t resist buying Charnel House, which is about a house that breathes. Turns out the structure is home to an ancient devilish creature who wants to get out and wreak havoc. I will never get inside a haunted house, but I sure do like reading about them.


I had been eyeing Greg Howard’s Blood Divine for quite some time before I caved and bought it. It’s about a man who goes back to his childhood town and a haunted plantation to find his missing grandmother. This book’s got a lot of positive reviews, and its protagonist is gay (as far as I’ve read–I’m still in the first few pages). I’ve been looking for mystery and horror novels where the character isn’t straight or white, but so far, my list is pretty pathetic. So, I was really glad to have found this one. The horror was evident in the first chapter, so it got me hooked from the start.

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