A Huge Adventure Awaits in “Micro” by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston

Published: Sept. 25, 2012; HARPER
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Micro – An exhilarating read that keeps alive the danger and power of science amid the undergrowth of a forest paradise in Hawaii. In a three-part novel, Michael Crichton (posthumously) and Richard Preston introduce readers to a thrilling story of science and danger. Seven graduate students of scienceare recruited by a microbiology company. One of the students, Peter Jansen,is unnerved that it is the same company his brother worked for. And now his brother is dead.

The danger of science is taken from the technologically advanced laboratories into the lush but unpredictable wilderness of Hawaii. Peter confronts the company’s director of his suspicions about his brother’s death, but instead of a confession and arrest, Peter finds himself and his fellow students the unwilling subjects of the company’s latest gadget – a Tensor generator that shrinks them into half an inch tall. With trained mercenaries on their trail, the students have to use everything they’ve learned to survive a jungle where even the tiniest bug or the smallest drop of venom can lead to death.

Simple and straight-forward, the novel is more plot-driven than character-centric. Micro‘s greatest strength lies in its page-turning scenes that never relents and will always leave the reader out of breath. I could not take my eyes of the book the entire time! The first part of the story builds slowly, establishes the characters – protagonists and antagonists, and drives the conflict behind the novel. With three parts, each scene is vital in crafting a delicious read.

As with other works by Michael Crichton, science terminology litters the page, but not without a convenient and subtle method with which to alert the reader on the treachery of scientific knowledge.Each deadly adventure is hair-raising and readers will rise to the bait. They will swim against a current of rain puddle and battle centipedes that seem as high as the Empire State. Michael Crichton, with the help of notable science fiction writer Richard Preston, even long after his death, leaves behind a work depicting the excitement and the thrill of adventures found only under the lens of a microscope.

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