Beware the Creepy “Sketches of the Wigwam” by Mack Moyer

First few sentences and I knew I was gonna like Billy. He’s the kind of main character who draws people in because he’s so human. He can also be unapologetic and self-absorbed, which threw me off some parts of his narrative, but I love a creepy story. And Sketches of the Wigwam was pretty creepy right till the very end.

Billy’s sober most of the time. Other times, he works as a freelance comic artist, and kitchen manager. His life is all right, although he still has that hope that he can work his way to earning a living as an artist, but then his cousin Jeremy calls to invite him over to Weatherly, a small place in the mountains.

Billy rides off with his girlfriend Kate. Billy’s memories of Jeremy weren’t all sunshine and daisies. In fact, Jeremy was a bit of a bully and showboat.

In the story, Billy hates his cousin – until he realizes that Jeremy’s grown up and is a better adult than Billy could acknowledge, except Billy couldn’t quite forgive him for ditching five-year-old Billy in the woods – where he encountered an otherworldy being called the Wigwam.

But now that Billy is back, and two kids are missing, is the Wigwam real or just Billy’s imagination?


It’s a horror story. I love a really good one that grabs me and doesn’t let go, much like my pet dog when he sees a plush toy. The beginning was good – it was interesting. Billy was interesting, and told in his first person POV, it wasn’t boring. Until he started spouting about political beliefs (he didn’t exactly pick a side, but there was some preaching there a bit).

I know many horror or creepy movies begin with the ordinary and day to day life of So and So, till something strange start to happen, but the horror didn’t start early, which was quite a bummer since I had to slug through some scary visions, Billy’s childhood flashbacks, and his tension with Jeremy.

I think the flashback could’ve been shorter – or less full. Snippets would’ve just been more interesting. In horror, we all like a tease.


Characters are great. Like I said, Billy’s a great MC, and Jeremy, the cousin he hated? He ain’t so bad. The characters were all, how do I say this without sounding weird, well-used? They were also well-developed and active. In short, they got the story going – except for Kate, who sort of… faded into monster-fodder.


I won’t spoil anything, but a good horror story has to have a good ending, whether it be open-ended, closed, implied, sad, or happy. This one – yup, it fits the story. It’s a good, horror ending.

Published: June 23, 2015; Permuted Press | Amazon | Goodreads

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  1. I like the sound of Billy and how human he is, I like reading about characters like that. I don’t mind some politics in my books, but I prefer it not be preaching. I am not a big horror fan, although I like to read a good suspensefull book once in awhile I don’t like being to scared while reading. I do agree that a good tease sometimes works better in horror.
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