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Published: January 7, 2015; Self-Published
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The Letters introduces us to Brodie Barrett, a detective with quite a mouth on her, mother of a sweet little girl, and widow of a husband killed by a stalker.

When her ex-fiance, Keaton Maddox, steps back into her life, Brodie’s not sure what to do and how to feel about him, especially when she suddenly starts getting letters from a stalker who leaves dead bodies for her to find.

bloody hell

Its Strength

Brodie isn’t a damsel in distress. She can get things done on her own, but she’s not unfeeling. Her heart pines for her lost love, but she doesn’t let that stop her from catching killers or giving her daughter a good life.

The characters are hot, hot, hot! Her high school lover, Gunner is roguishly handsome as are her best friend, Walker, and ex-fiance Keaton. With all the men in her life, though, Brodie doesn’t need any of them to kick ass.

The dialogues are interesting (even though some phrases could certainly need more editing and proofreading).

Keaton: Have you lost your damn mind?

Brodie: I lose it anytime I’m around you!

Brodie: You’re supposed to marry someone you love.

Keaton: I tried to. You said no.

Well, this detective story sure does have a steamy romance subplot to tickle your fancy.

Its Weakness

The plot is interesting, and being a Criminal Minds fan, I had some fun thinking about who the killer might be, but I have to say that the climax was, well, anti-climactic.

I was expecting Brodie to find out about the killer in a more shocking way, but how she found out was too much by chance – where were her detective skills?

And the action scene – where do I even begin? We’re dealing with a psychopath here! During the confrontation, I was expecting more drama, action, and intensity seeping into the characters, into the killer’s psyche, or Brodie’s character. Sadly, it wasn’t enough.

I love the writer’s voice (but I think there was too much cursing from everyone – even from characters who don’t usually swear), but I think it’s a bit too lax and nonchalant for a thriller like this, with a topic on lusting psychopaths.


Should You Read This?

If you want an action-filled mystery thriller that will make you wrack your brain for the killer’s identity, motive, or method, I’m afraid this isn’t for you. If you want to read a story, though, about a cool female protagonist dealing with her love life and a killer, then yes, do read The Letter.

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