Fear “Lord Loss” by Darren Shan

Published: May 10, 2006; Hachette
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Darren Shan, of Cirque du Freak fame, introduces The Demonata series (with varying protagonists), which opens with the tragedy that struck the family of teenager Grubitsch “Grubbs” Grady.

Lord Loss opens with a gruesome frontier: Grubb’s family – his mother, father, and older sister – has been killed. Shocked into paralysis, Grubbs meets the killer, a demon named Lord Loss. Grubbs escapes with his life, but not with his sanity. He is admitted into an asylum and continues to insist on what he saw, until his uncle, Dervish Grady takes him in, saying that he believes and knows that demons exist. Staying with his uncle in a quiet town and a quieter house that’s both ancient and mystifying, Grubbs quickly comes to the conclusion that his uncle is not as normal as he seems, sans revving motorbike.

He soon befriends a boy Bill-E, who drags him into a world of night-time excursions to discover whether his uncle Dervish is a werewolf. More adventures under the moonlight drives the plot and examines the characters through Grubbs’ eyes. Despite the teen angst and Grubbs’ brief sojourn in the land of high school cliques and social hierarchy, the novel moves fast enough to grab the reader, albeit not so tenuously.

Secrets come to light amid fangs and blood, and surprisingly everything boils down to a chess game – the very game his family lost, which cost them their lives. In a chilling confrontation with the demon that killed his family, Grubbs has to recall every strategy he learned begrudgingly from his family and from his uncle if he is to save another member of his family who might be growing fangs and fur under the moonlight. The only way to do so would be to face Lord Loss, and Grubbs isn’t sure if he could survive.

Matched against an inhuman enemy, with the chance to save his new family and avenge his old one, Grubbs’ struggle to save his family and his sanity will draw readers into a chilling world where fighting demons is not a childhood adventure, but a family affair and an inescapable fate.

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