Get Ready to be “ICED” by M. Terry Green

Published: Middleworld Productions; February 10, 2015 | Amazon | Goodreads

Fast-paced, thrilling, and seductive. “Iced” is a bout an ex-slave Thirteen, known among the slavers as Ghost, for she cannot be caught and cannot be seen.

From the king down to the lowly rig master, everyone wants to capture Ghost, except they’ve never seen her before. They didn’t even know she was a woman!

Jargon Galore

M. Terry Green’s knowledge and experience flying planes and working on engines and other machines is blatant, so much so that for the first few pages, I had a headache trying to imagine what the ship looks like, what with all the unfamiliar terms, and considering that “Iced” is a dystopian sc-fi.

There’s a glossary at the end, but they don’t help much when you’re already reading the story. As a reader, I don’t really like to switch between reference and the story.

Sci-Fi women warriors are tough


Great character, Thirteen is. In the beginning of the story, I knew what Ghost’s goal was, what she was like, and how she behaved. The story opens with the conflict and the goal of the story, so it’s absolutely not boring.

She’s a legend. She’s strong and quick. So, obviously you won’t see her giving children cookies. While looking for someone, she meets a man who’s after the slavers who took her daughter.

Do you smell a budding romance or some sexual tension, at least? Well if you did, you’d be wrong ’cause there’s none of either. And that’s what I like! Ghost and Cord have the same goal, they’re looking for someone – Ghost, her sister, and Cord his daughter.

But it’s not love or lust that binds these two. It’s humanity – kinship. It’s having to fight for your loved ones. And it’s about kindness and bravery.


I like the fact that I get to see the story through the (future) villains’ POV. Of course there are antagonists, but there are characters hiding in the shadows, binding their time. And I know that, in the future, these people will have a huge impact on the story, and on the hero’s mission.

As a reader, you’ll see these villains grow, and you can’t wait for it!

Should you read it?

It’s the beginning of a series, and unfortunately ends with just one rescue. But I guess that’s enough adventure in one book. It has a fast-paced plot. So if you want a mission-oriented novel, with a lot of action and some royals involved, this is the novel for you.

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