Giving You “What You Wanted” by Mina V. Esguerra

Mina’s got great, sexy, and smart characters that don’t fall into similar patterns. Another Chic Manila story, What You Wanted is sweet and romantic without being filled to the brim with sugar cubes and ants.

A beach wedding one-night stand was all Andrea thought it would be, but then she and Damon went out for coffee. And then they kept seeing other again. On Saturday football. Outside nearby restaurants. The one night stand was turning into something more. And Andrea’s not sure what to expect.


Andrea is a smart woman, and she’s chill and laid back enough to accept that the man she loved “let her go” because he knew she was the type to leave a man after two months (yes, that was her record), because why would she stay if she didn’t love him anymore?

But then she fell in love with Thad, a friend. And she wanted to try being with him for more than two months. But Thad was afraid of being “that guy” – the one who got switched out for a new one after two months.

So Thad gets married to someone else, someone he’d only know for a short time.

Let me tell you that I truly felt sorry for him and that I understood why he wanted to move on. But when the first sign of a troubled marriage emerges, he bolts and begs to be taken back. Yeah, that made my blood boil.

Then, there’s Damon, Andrea’s not-one-night-stand. He’s funny and sweet, thoughtful and caring. Like Andrea, he wanted this girl, Geraldine aka Ice Princess. But he thought she was playing a game with him. So played back – with Andrea, who seemed happy to oblige.

Finally, the two of them could pay back the ones who broke their hearts.


The story happens in a few months. Considering it’s contemporary romance, I wasn’t expecting any sudden action or burst of adrenaline-fueled scenes. But even with that in mind, the pacing felt a bit – slow. I chalk that up to Andrea’s ramblings, which could’ve done with some reigning in.

I wanted something more from the ending, but like Andrea realizes, her love story isn’t like the romantic comedies she loved to watch. She can’t wait for a guy to show up with flowers on her doorstep. If she actually wanted him, she would have to bare her feelings, tone down her pride, and accept that she was wrong.

Recommended For

Lovers of sweet, take-your-time contemporary romance about not-so-usual love stories that happen to everyday people. Plus it’s a good book for reading about the ideas and concepts of marriage and love in Philippine cultural setting.

Andrea and Damon also star in the novella Wedding Night Stand (a prequel, but you don’t exactly need it to read What You Wanted).

Published: Nov. 24, 2015; Bright Girl Books | Amazon | Goodreads | Buqo | Kobo

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