Guest Post by Author Bianca Mori: On High Society Romance and Inspiration for “One Night in the Palace”

One Night in the Palace was a bold, glittery, and sexy read. So let’s hear what romance author Ms. Bianca Mori has to say about her inspiration and her thoughts on the life of the demimondes.

~ Bianca Mori ~

I hadn’t really thought of myself as interested in high society, but when I do think about it, I have to say that you’re right. I love reading about the lives of royalty, especially controversial figures like Henry VIII, Edith Wharton’s New York society novels like The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence, and even Jane Austen’s books which always has that component of money and connections hampering or complicating her characters’ love-lives. Historical romances also mostly have this component.

While writing One Night At The Palace Hotel I was also reading To Marry An English Lord: Or How Anglomania Got Started, which is a non-fiction book about wealthy American heiresses marrying into the English aristocracy from the late 1800s onward (e.g., Winston Churchill’s mom was an American heiress!). It was like a business arrangement, where the Americans get prestige and social standing while the English get a lot of money to maintain their crumbling estates. This was a huge influence in writing ONATPH, especially with the business-like arrangement between Con and Benjo.

I like reading about high society because it’s like a window into another world. I’m fascinated because there seems to be a highly codified set of rules and behavior that needs to be followed to function among the elite. No one seems to be really happy about it but they keep staying in that world — maybe because they don’t know how else to live. But at the same time, those of us on the outside looking in find their lifestyles so glamorous and posh, which is such a contrast. You’d think all that wealth would bring you freedom, but it actually restricts. So I have to ask, “why? why do you choose to live that way?” The character of Consuelo de la Red is my attempt at understanding that mindset and answering the “why.”
I guess we writers tend to write what we like to read, and that’s how I ended up writing about this high society setting for the #buqosteamyreads challenge in 2014! 😀


Thanks for your thoughts, Bianca! I know for sure I’m not the only one dreaming of one day catching the eye of a prince – who looks and talks and acts and thinks like Tom Hiddleston.

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  1. Such an interesting post! I agree that people who live differently than yourself like high society almost feel like a totally different world as things seem so different. That’s also what I like when reading about other professions, times etc, while it’s still in the same world, it feels very different as well and it’s fun learning about that time, culture, class etc.

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