#HeistClub Bundles: Phil. Crime Fiction! (and My Book’s Out and About)

HeistClub bundlesA few months ago, I joined a workshop/writing event sponsored by Bronze Age Media, a publishing house. It was titled #HeistClub, and its theme centered on crime fiction in the Philippines, a genre Mina V. Esguerra, published author, wanted to cultivate and encourage in mainstream fiction.

So I joined it and submitted my manuscript, and it’s now live on the online bookstore, Buqo in a #HeistClub bundle along with other thrilling and suspenseful novelettes from first-time and veteran Filipino authors!

I’m so happy and I just want to share this good news to you guys! I wish I had ice cream, but I have to stay at home with my grandma. Anyway, I’m just so happy and excited. I’m watching Vikings and approaching Season 3 (Athelstan my love) and now I don’t know how I feel. It’s like I’m floating… on a cloud… Anyway, here’s the blurb below:

Soul Makers

by Jee Ann Guibone

Set in the urban streets of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines:

Sabrina told Bart not to do it, but he had. Now Bart is missing, with a male corpse found in his apartment.

She has no other choice but to solve all the clues he left behind, without getting arrested for trespassing, while trying to keep her OCD under control.

Newly minted NBI Special Investigator Lyla Dixon doesn’t expect to meet her old flame, now private investigator, Hans Blanco at the crime scene. But when the crime reveals more questions than answers, they both have to put aside old hurts and work with someone they’re not even sure they should trust, the enigmatic Sabrina Eugenio, if they’re to have a shot at finding the killer before another body turns up.


It’s part of the What We Fear bundle.  Right now it’s on sale at $0.99 or Php 50 until February 15 (67% OFF), and it’ll go up to $2.99 or Php 150 after that.

Smart-ass characters and suspicious heroes plus unspeakable crimes. You can read Soul Makers at Buqo and please do leave a review 🙂 . It would be an immensely great help!


What We Fear bundle blurbs of the other stories (congratz, people!):

Till Death Do Us Part by Irene Nicolas-Recio

They say it takes a lifetime to really really know somebody….
Everything in Nikki’s life is picture perfect:  her photography has taken off and is now a thriving business, she is reconnecting with old friends, and her husband is nothing but devoted.  What more can she ask for?  Life is good.
That is, until she discovers a shocking truth, putting her and her family in danger.

Classified by Georgette S. Gonzales

Danilo Halili’s latest assignment as a photographer led him to unearth, quite by accident, a plot to harm the indigenous people living in the Sierra Madre Mountains. He was caught sending information to a trusted contact and he died, never to know that he died a hero.

Classified is the story of simple people, their efforts to keep this country safe, and the system that prompted them to take up arms and protect the innocent.

High Stakes by Ana Valenzuela

Growing up to be the son of a celebrated jeweller, Michael Aguirre and his sister were used to the frivolities of the high society. But, when their mother passed away and their dad on his death bed, Jose can no longer afford the once affluent lifestyle—-more of gambling—-that he once led.

Getting out on bail for an estafa case, Mike ends up beaten black and blue by Mauricio Antonio’s men, reminding him of the millions that Jose owes him.

With an impending deadline from Mauricio, Michael tries to ask for help. He sought out his sister, Natalie, his mother’s most trusted assistant, Pat Lacson, and most importantly his boyhood friend Ramon. Can Mike raise enough money and find life’s solutions before it is too late?

Dressed to Kill by Cassandra Javier

5 Friends. One Dead Body. A Summer they’d rather just forget.

5 years ago
Amelie, Christina, Cara, Monique, and Tamara spent one summer at Christina’s family’s ranch 5 years ago. It was a time of rest; a time for peace. It was a time when they just spent days fishing, swimming, and forgetting all the troubles of the city. One last hurrah before college, they said.

But that last hurrah ended when Monique was suddenly found dead on the last day of vacation—and their lives have never been the same since.

Now is their chance to figure out the truth.
But sometimes, truths are far more complicated than they seem.
Will they find out all the answers they need?
Or are they in for something bigger…something deadlier?

Tick Tock. Don’t look back. You might be next.


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    1. Thanks, Lola! I like reading anthologies, too. I’m hunting for urban fantasy and horror 🙂 as they’re great ways to get a taste for an author or fictional world.

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