How Do You Balance Your Blog, Work, or Studies?

I know that many book bloggers are students – either in high school or in college. Some are in their early- to mid-twenties. And of course, there are the ones well into their thirties and forties!

Anyway, it’s not surprising that for most of us, book blogging is our hobby, our past time. We blog about books because we love them! We want to connect with other readers, authors, aspiring writers, and bloggers! We want to share the love for books everywhere.

But how do you balance your other priorities?

Just these past few weeks, I’d been unable to catch up to my blogging because:

  1. I had a swollen left eyelid. I had to rest my eyes, which meant less time online.
  2. I had a school presentation the Saturday before last, and I had to prepare.
  3. I had my exams last Saturday!
  4. I had to rest my eyes because they were dry and stung a bit.

Sounds like I certainly needed the rest after such a hectic few weeks. I think the problem was I had a hard time balancing my online work, my studies, and my blog that I overworked my eyes 🙁 .

Turns out I forgot a lot of vital things when taking care of my eyes, like some steps from an article on WikiHow:

Take a lot of rest


Use Cucumber to Reduce Eye Puffiness


20-20-20 Rule – After 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.


So, eye management aside, how do you manage your time and priorities while maintaining your blog?


5 thoughts on “How Do You Balance Your Blog, Work, or Studies?

  1. Oh, I don’t. XD I’m in a perpetual state in which some weeks, college takes priority (like this week), and others, where I have more than enough time to do what I have to do, and then not do it because I’m lazy like that. It’s crazy, and disorganized, and it’ll forever be my downfall, but I just can’t seem to keep to a schedule since college kind of doesn’t care about personal schedules. So, I just deal, which is why these eye caring tips are super useful!
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    1. Ah, college… Oh the days… penniless and always in a hurry to meet deadlines ;p Take care of yourself, though, Pam!

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