Listen to and Read “Save Me, San Francisco” by Kate Padilla

Published: Sept. 16, 2014; Self-Published | Amazon | Goodreads


“Save Me, San Francisco,” by Kate Padilla is a collection of short stories based on songs by band, Train. And that’s really the only thing holding them together.

I wanted to see something bigger connecting the stories together, but they were still pretty good stories all on their own. Admittedly, some stories are “meh” level, but there are memorable gems in the collection, like:



This is my favorite because it’s just so bittersweet, and I know many people can relate to the feeling of grief and loss.

It’s about the story of a man losing both his wife and little girl. The story doesn’t focus on the details of the loss, but how the father handled it, what he remembered, the things he and his wife talked about.

It was so beautiful. When you read “Save Me, San Francisco”, listen to the song each story corresponds to! Because the songs just make the scenes so much more emotional.


It’s kinda difficult to find this one on YouTube (it’s from the 1998 album), but the story is a nostalgic one. It’s about an artist, a musician who’s life had gone down the drain because of drugs.

And because making music was connected to his drug addiction, he was told to stay away from that life altogether. You’ve felt that before, haven’t you? To be told you can no longer do your passion, your art?

Cain (our miserable protagonist) would pine for his piano, his guitar, and his music. And because of his problems, he even lost his girlfriend, who turned out to be pregnant.

So, at the end of the story, we go back to the beginning of the story. And middle-aged Cain sees a young woman at the back of the crowd listening to his music. “She looked so familiar.”



I love this song, and the story is heartbreaking! It involves some flashback, and is about love between Gemma and a guy she met in college, Diggory.

Years later, they see each other in a department store. Gemma’s pregnant and looking for baby stuff, when she meets Diggory, and a woman who later turns out to be his wife.

That’s not the heartbreaking part, though. The most painful part is when Gemma reveals a flashback of the reason she and Diggory fell apart in the first place.

Bring on some tissue and enjoy Bruises!

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