Love and Destiny Collide in “The Healer” by CJ Anaya

Published: May 31, 2015; Beau Coup Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads | Wattpad

The Healer starts with a not uncommon trope in YA urban fantasy – a seemingly normal teenager who hides a power prophesied to make or break the world.


Seventeen-year-old Hope Fairmont, is that teenager. But the twists and characters in the story are very gripping. For one, there are characters from Japanese mythology. Now that is quite rare!

jap myth1

If you think only Greek gods and goddesses can make you melt like a candle wax, think again. These kami or deities from Japanese myth are hot, crazy, funny, sarcastic, and definitely handy with a sword.

Also, Hope’s best friend is pretty wacky. Angie’s character definitely fills in the overprotective, crazier-than-thou, best friend, but she’s a cool character. And if I had to make a dash for safety when animal hybrids start attacking me, I’d want Angie there, too (and well, one of my best friends’ name is Angel, so there).


It’s not unusual to see a love triangle in a YA novel. At least with The Healer, the love triangle really matters in the story. It’s a vital part of the character and story development. And what I like about it is it makes Hope question her heart and her destiny.

If your destinies weren’t intertwined, would you have loved that person? What if you only love him because you were ‘destined to be’? What does it even mean to be soul mates?


One of the elements I want to see in an urban fantasy work is always a series of good action scenes. I mean it is urban fantasy, so fireballs, upper cuts, and somersaults are vital when the writer wants the reader to feel the urgency and the adrenaline coursing through the characters’ veins.

I love the fight scenes in The Healer. Because readers don’t want a grocery list of synonyms and specific terms to the fifty kinds of punches and kicks. There’s a great action scene where guys and gals use crossbows and swords. And you can just imagine the Samurai X scenes my mind played. So, kudos to CJ for the great fight scenes!


It’s a Series

The story is first in a series, so you bet there’s gonna be some sort of twist before the story ends. I didn’t expect it – and I don’t think you would either – but it does up the intrigue and will whet your appetite for the next book!

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