Mystery Over at “Grand & Humble” by Brent Hartinger

What to say about “Grand & Humble?” This kept me up all night! I couldn’t sleep so I picked this one at random (it was free on BookBub so I bought it), but when I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down. I had to know the ending!


I loved the fact that this book was pretty easy and quick to read. It wasn’t so simplistic, but there wasn’t much SAT words being thrown around by the characters and the narrative, so that was good. I mean, it’s a thriller, a suspense featuring teenagers in high school, so it was thankfully short and quick and snap-snap.

Sometimes, though, I felt like the author was explaining things too much, especially at the end. It wasn’t too bothersome to go through, though.


Here’s what I really love about this story. I thought I knew what was going on, in the first few chapters, but towards the end, I was like, “MY LIFE IS A LIE.”

I don’t wanna spoil too much as that would obviously take away the point of the mystery, but you gotta believe me when I say you will not guess it. Even after you read it, you will ask and ask and ask questions no one can answer. The twist is meant to shake your belief and your grasp of reality and fantasy. Yes, it’s meant to drive you crazy if you think too much about it.

But see, that’s why it’s such a clever piece of mystery. And it’s like the Twilight Zone, although less creepy.

One thing’s for sure, I’m pretty glad it’s a standalone. It’s the kind of story that’s meant to be quick (just over 200+ pages) and single – a crazy, mercurial mystery that should be chewed on slowly, because there’s no second course. And that’s why you savor it more.

I certainly will be looking forward to other books by Brent Hartinger.

May 29, 2016 (2nd Edition); HarperTempest (2006) | Amazon | Goodreads


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  1. Got to love those bookbub e-mails with their lists of cheap and free books. i always grab way too many freebies each week as well. That twist at the end sounds very impressive! Glad to hear you enjoyed this one.
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