Say Yes to “Rory’s Proposal” by Lynda Renham

Published: July 25, 2014; Raucous Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads

“Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, but how can I not think about it?”

I’m sure anyone who’s ever read “Rory’s Proposal” by Lynda Renham isn’t going to forget this line soon. It’s the favorite expression of the novel’s main character, Flora Robson.

With a name for a margarine, Flora inevitably has a not-so-lucky life. Yes, she’s got her own business (she runs a salon), has a long-time boyfriend, kind and gorgeous Luke who spends his free time in the gym, and supportive friends Devon and Rosalind, and co-workers Ryan and Sandy.

What’s apparently missing is an engagement ring.

What Flora Hopes For

The girl is crazy about getting engaged. Why? She’s 29 and turning 30. At first I wondered if this was the only thing she wanted in her life.

But of course, SOMETHING HAPPENED – a big corporation “Rory’s” just bought the two shops beside her salon. The company’s sender of surveyors, Grant Richards, brings chocolates and perfumes to get Flora to sell her salon. Fortunately she refuses.

Unfortunately, she meets and falls for a man who happens to work for the company trying to covet her salon. What’s poor Flora supposed to do then?

She fights back, of course.

She and her co-workers get some petitions and stickers and plan protests against Rory’s, not knowing that she’d given one sticker to the very man about to buy her out.

It’s really funny. Well, most of the funny moments are from Flora who’s completely accident-prone. It seems that she can’t walk into a room without breaking something or setting something on fire.

Her boyfriend Luke is the obviously-not-good-for-her character. He’s always telling her to watch what she eats, drinks, or wears (because they have to be fit ya know). He also “gets there” quicker than Flora can blink. It’s not fair on her, on the bed, and on the K-Y Jelly or Biofreeze.

The characters are delish enough, but it really miffs me when two characters just suddenly have this instant connection. The story has both Flora’s and Tom’s POV in first person, but all I saw was how they think each other is hot then Tom starts to feel that he has to protect her, that he really likes her in the space of two pages.

The problem here is that the story mentions how Tom has trust issues with women after a series of failed relationships involving women who were only after his money. Only one woman was mentioned, Caroline (and that’s all she is – a name), and there isn’t much insight into Tom’s past or his problems. In fact, he’s absolutely perfect. He’s righteous, generous, and kind. He’s although wealthy and good-looking.

Not much of a problem for Flora except that, due to some misunderstanding and pride, neither are going to back down. Also, Flora really wants to get engaged because all her friends are – and she isn’t getting any younger!

But when it comes to saving her salon, getting engaged takes a back seat. Flora wants to keep the salon because it’s hers – her success, her business, her freedom. She worked for it for so long, so you can imagine how she’s not going to give in, even to a multimillionaire hunk.

Will Flora ever get an engagement ring?

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