Sirens A-calling in “Coral and Bone” by Tiffany Daune

Published: June 30, 2014; Jester Ink Press
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Halen Windspeare has always been afraid of her own unnatural powers. She has always kept this a secret from the world. One night, though, she finds out that there are bigger secrets that have been kept from her – her entire life seemed to have been built on lies.

Coral & Bone opens with a teenager who knows that she’s not normal. She desperately wants to be ordinary though,  but all her hopes drowned with her father.

When one stranger comes into their home with a knife, in the night, Halen and Tage (her father’s best friend’s godchild) try to find refuge in the ocean. Unfortunately, the waves pull Halen under and she wakes up to find herself in Elosia, a realm where mermaids and sirens exist. Soon, Halen learns that the greater part of her life was kept from her and now she has to save three magical realms from a powerful villain – who is probably more like her than she thinks.

I found the story a fun read, which introduces a new world of supernatural beings from sirens to shifters. Unfortunately, I felt that the different worlds and how they interact with one another were not properly explored.

There are very few comical moments in the story. The events are heavy and anyone in Halen’s place would be confused, scared, or very angry. The story has a lot of characters who all think that keeping a lot of things from other people would help them. The effect, however, is the opposite, which is expounded in the last scene of the story.

Because of the characters and the different worlds, the story needs to be expanded into several arcs so that the events don’t look like packed sardines.

The story is well-written, save for the much-needed introspection into emotions and thoughts that a good novel needs. It has a nice plot and you will never look at mermaids the same way when you finish Coral & Bone.

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