The Hilarious and Ridiculous “Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown” by Lynda Renham

As always, Lynda Renham delivers another hilarious, laugh-out-loud, and sweet romance comedy about the everyday woman, ala Cinderella, who dreams and meets love.

Roxie Brown, a chambermaid working in one of the hotels owned by young multimillionaire heartthrob, Ark Morgan, whose sensuality matches the Christian Grey of Roxie’s fantasies.

I honestly prefer Sam Lockwood.
I honestly prefer Sam Lockwood.

But the night Roxie discovers her lazy bum boyfriend has been cheating on her, she also sees what looks like a murder.

Roxie Brown

She’s not as plain as her name suggests. She’s funny, not so wacky, but definitely weird. Her family and friends say she has a difficult time saying “No” to people, but when push comes to shove, she can actually stand up for herself.

Her friends, Sylvie and Felix, are a riot. Sylvie’s “into crime novels” – an understatement, considering she can break into an apartment via plastic card, dusts down the crime scene for prints, and come up with the craziest schemes.

Felix is sarcastic and cynical, but he gets the job done – and by that I mean, he finds the DNA expert and hand-writing analyst they need. He’s also luckier than his dames.

Ark Morgan and Sam Lockwood

What’s a rom-com without the hot hero? I was always more partial to Sam – the rugged, roguish, and rakish type. Although Ark certainly knew how to use his sensuality to his advantage.

Oh, which would you prefer: the grinning rogue or the sensual gentleman?

The rogue?
The rogue?
the gentleman?
Or the gentleman?

If you’ve seen BBC Merlin, you’ll know what I’m talking about *wink, wink*.

Reading the “Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown” was a fun experience. There was definitely some laugh-out-loud moments. And I like the mystery twist to the story.

Published: August 13, 2015; Raucous Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads

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