This is No Lie: You Gotta Read Dan Fletcher’s “Dawn of Deception”

Published: March 5, 2015 | Amazon | Goodreads

Judging by the title alone, you would think that this might be an action-packed story that emphasizes on a great conspiracy dawning on a certain place.

Well, first assumption is correct; it is filled with cool fight scenes with guns and bombs. Two, there is a conspiracy that could make or break an entire nation. But one thing’s missing.

The part where I tell you, it’s absolutely awesome!


Set in the arid land in the African continent, Kenya, Capt. David Nbeke serves as a wildlife ranger. Troubled by his haunting past – the murder of his father and the rape of his mother by another ethnic group – David has always kept his desire to find the monster responsible for slaughtering his family.

His relatively peaceful life took a turn when trouble stirred up with a group of poachers who were after a herd of elephants happened to cross David’s area. He and his team were able to chase the poachers away but severe damage was already done. They managed to save a baby elephant which became the reason for David’s name to appear on the poachers’ unwanted list.

He befriends the reserve’s veterinarian, an Irish woman named Catherine. When David looks for more clues as to the poachers’ identities, he made unlikely allies out of a journalist for National Geographic and a volunteer for a group who kept tabs on rhinos and elephants in the reserve. Soon enough, David finds out that someone of great power named Maliki is behind all those poaching and he is not one to underestimate.

David is trapped in a web of lies, conspiracies, pretenses, and deceptions. How can he untangle himself from the destruction it would bring?

Dan Fletcher did a good job in molding David’s character from his terrifying past and the man that he grew up in the next pages. He’s the hero from story-book novels: kind, intuitive, and righteous. The main antagonist too was built on strong wicked foundations from his historical roots to his present corrupt, scheming future self.

There might be a few, minute typographical errors but they’re barely noticeable. The story’s still great despite them.

Now, do I still need to deceive you into reading this heart-pounding, shirt-wrenching action-packed novel?

I don’t think so.

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