Top Ten Quotes On Reading Fiction

Yes, they’re fictional stories. They aren’t “real”, but it can’t be denied that every fiction work has truth in it. Maybe the peasants never revolted. Maybe Harry Potter isn’t real. But people will fight for their freedom, through works, music, art, or literature. And an ordinary boy can find a family and a home while eradicating evil.

So, here are some quotes about the fiction in our lives and why we love them so much:

1. Eternity With Stories


2. Imagination

3. Which is the Escape?

4. The Truth in Fiction

Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, wrote a fictional story – but it was a story of a nation oppressed,

and it couldn’t have been more true.

5. Empathy

6. Characters We Love Teach Us Life

7. Adventure

8. A Thousand Lives

9. They are Magic.

10. They Change Us

What were your reasons for reading fiction? I know people say it’s an escape, but so is drinking, partying, vacationing, and even traveling. And there’s nothing wrong with a little retreat, when we can return stronger, smarter, and braver than ever.

So, which quotes inspired you to read fiction?

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