What Genres Do You Love to Read and What Will You Write In?

We love books! What’s not to love about them? They bring magic into our lives! Happiness, sadness, surprise, epiphanies, life lessons, and love – books give us them.

But there’s no denying that we have our favorites. Let me list mine (in no particular order):

harry potter

Urban Fantasy (YA)

I love urban fantasy (although sometimes I’m not sure what it encompasses). I first saw it tagged to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson type books, which I love. Many of the urban fantasy stories I love feature young heroes and heroines from this world who suddenly find themselves in the midst of a hidden battle between magical or mythical creatures. Or like The Healer by CJ Anaya, which features characters from Japanes mythology. These types of stories were my first love. They literally dripped with magic, and at the age of twelve, what more could I have wanted in a story?

Romance Comedy

Oh, romance comedies are just, well, funny. They were cute and sweet, and although I rarely experience such “kilig” or sweet moments in real life (maybe I’m demi-romantic?), I have fun reading stories that make me laugh and say, “Aww.” My favorites have been Meg Cabot, Janet Evanovich, and Lynda Renham, although Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes was one of the funniest I’ve ever read.

Contemporary Romance

And then there are, of course, romances that don’t necessitate comedy and laugh out loud moments. I’m biased here – the only one I really anticipate are from Nora Roberts, like the Chesapeake Bay series. I loved those books, about four brothers and their families. It was a beautiful story about family and love. Never had I cried and laughed so much for a romance story.

the alienistMystery/Thriller

I will always love a good mystery. I mean, who doesn’t? It must be all the Sherlock and Criminal Minds stuff I encounter. Either way, a good whodunnit is always a nice read. Even a good thriller like Grift by Jason Mosberg, although not a mystery, was a cool YA heist run. Not to mention Dane Curse by Matt Abraham is a detective fiction with a twist – the entire world has real superheroes and supervillains.

My favorite, though, currently is The Alienist series by Caleb Carr, set in 1896 New York City. So you could imagine my surprise and joy when I learned that a TV show was on the way.


Stephen King, I sing your praise! The Stand, The Walk, The Dark Half, Hearts in Atlantis… I could go on, but there are still other storytellers like Tamara Jones who also deal with the dark and macabre (seriously, I felt something crawl up my spine when I read her Spore).

good and evilFantasy

I don’t encounter much high- or low-fantasy that grabs me. Of course there’s GoT (but I watch instead of read – I’m still in, like, book one). I guess The School for Good and Evil is under this, too. I love that book. It’s a strange and new retelling of fairy tales, but this time, the focus is on what is truly good and evil. The characters were amazing – both Good and Evil! Then, of course, The Lord of the Rings, The Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series, and a whole lot more.

Historical Fiction

I love history simply because – it’s about stories! And I especially love it when books speculate and wonder, what if he was a meek soldier? What if she did this because of that? We’ll never truly know the entire story of the past, but that’s why it’s such a beautiful thing to imagine and wonder. Many of the historical fiction I like, though, are whodunnits as well (The Sherlockian, The Alienist, The Dracula Dossier, etc.). Of course, the classics like The Count of Monte Cristo will always be in my heart.

I’m also sure that many of us bloggers out there are aspiring novelists. I’m currently doing some crime fiction for a workshop I’m in, although I’ll probably be doing a lot more of urban fantasy.

And you? In what genres do you imagine writing your stories?

16 thoughts on “What Genres Do You Love to Read and What Will You Write In?

  1. There are a lot of genres I like to read, everythign from Urban Fantasy, science fiction, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, cozy mysteries and more. I read in all age categories from MG till Adult. I am usually open to tryign a new genre, although there are also genres I read less. I don’t like thrillers and horror books a smuch as I don’t like to be too scared while reading, but I can handle a book that’s a bit creepy. I used to read a lot of high fantasy when I was yougner, but the genre appeals less to me now.
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  2. My three favorite genres would probably be fantasy, historical fiction, and romance comedy. Probably in that order. I tend to stay with Young Adult no matter the genre though, I just find that they are still pretty easy to relate to despite being in my twenties haha. Everything I’ve written has always been fantasy so I suppose that makes sense 😛 Fun post!
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  3. I think it’s vital to read what you write, though I knew a novelist in Singapore who did the exact opposite. I’ve never seen how that works. I think that’s almost as impressive as crossing genres. I can’t do that in the slightest and have much respect for those who can!

    1. Maybe it’s like, “If you want to learn about something, teach it.” instead of “Teach what you know.” Although that’s still pretty cool!

  4. I basically love and adore EVERYTHING Young Adult…but I’m like a total lover of Urban Fantasy too! IT IS JUST SO AWESOME! There’s so much room for creativity too! Magic plus every-day-sort-of-life?! Sign me up. I think it’s more relatable too…while still adding in the magical fantasticalness. I also adore Epic fantasy, hehe. I’ve totally gotten infatuated iwth it this year and found suuuuch good ones. (Game of Thrones is a monster right?! I’m on book 5 and I swear the audios are spectacular!)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  5. I LOVE my thrillers–scare me, make me hold my breath, have me tear a page corner cuz I’m turning those pages so fast…or slow it down with some good old southern fiction. Really, anything but high fantasy, sci-fi. new adult or super syrupy romance. That said, am currently writing MG fiction–yes I read it, but not exclusively. I do, however, keep my finger on the pulse…
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  6. Speaking about YA, I love fantasy books, and contemporary romances to go in between to keep things interesting 😀 I’m picky with science-fiction, since like with fantasy, world-building can become infodumps and that’s not fun. Right now I’m writing something that may fall in the category of urban fantasy 😀 But have some sci-fi and contemporary romance ideas that won’t leave me alone!
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