What Happens Next in “The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes” by Soman Chainani?

Published: HarperCollins; April 15, 2014 | Amazon | Goodreads

I love The School for Good and Evil series. It’s a fantastic re-telling and explores themes of friendship, love, and of course what is true goodness and true evil.

The first book ends with Agatha and Sophie back in Gavaldon, where they’re celebrities for a time. Soon, though, assassins come for Sophie’s blood. The only way the Elders can protect the town is to leave her in the Woods.

But Agatha would never abandon her friend. So by some ill-fated wish, and a nighttime floral journey, the girls find themselves back in The School for Good and Evil, only this time’s it’s not the same. It’s the School for Girls and Boys. It’s an all-out gender war!

And it’s what I love about this story – love in all its forms, in whatever gender it takes shape. What is a true hero? Who is the real villain? And what is love?


The students, from the snarky Hester, to the baby-faced Hiro, and all the residents of Good and Evil band together and against each other in a Boys versus Girls world.

But there shouldn’t be a problem, right? Agatha and Sophie only need each other. But friendship and romance aren’t so simple. What should best friends do in the face of true love?

In my review of the first book, I stated how much I love Sophie’s character. Of course I Agatha is praise-worthy. She’s level-headed and brave. But Sophie’s character development is just so intriguing because of her struggle – the struggle to be good.

We know Agatha is good. But Sophie is being told that she’s meant to be evil, no matter how she tries so much to be good! And when she saved Tedros, the poor, tormented prince, from more torture by the villainous Aric, I felt her goodness! She’s a great character, except when she’s being stupid, which can be funny.

One thing that did irritate me was the the characters’ indecision. One thing to have one character be confused, but nearly all of them? It’s like I got decision fatigue by reading their thoughts. C’mon, choose! Decide! Even if it’s wrong. It reminds me of Hamlet’s indecisiveness in the face of Laertes’ assertiveness and focus. But the main characters are so confused and change their minds from to time. Nearly drove me nuts!

Happy Endings

But the story is gripping. How will it end? Who will find their happy ever after? Can there be a happy ever after with two princesses and a prince? Must the other one always be a witch? Questions like these keep the story moving, and there is no boring page in the book.


We’re all Readers, finding our place in the world. And whether we want romance or not, we all want to be happy. The question is, how?

So read the second book and find out! Also, I just bought the third book yesterday and I’m on a roll!

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