When a Villain Needs Justice, Call “Dane Curse”

Published: February 10,  2015; Self-Published | Amazon | Goodreads

Matt Abraham’s “Dane Curse” revolves around a world where super heroes (white capes) and supervillains (black capes) are normal – out and about, saving and destroying the world.

But when Team Supreme’s best and brightest superhero, Pinnacle, is found dead, Dane Curse is called to investigate. But Dane is the justice-seeker for black capes, so why call him on this one?

And as Dane delves deep into Pinnacle’s death, he discovers a web of secrets and lies from the white and black capes. He soon discovers it’s not that easy to pin a black and white judgment on heroes and villains.

Super-Powered Detective


Dane is your sassy, savvy, sometimes cynical gumshoe. A private eye with a dark past he doesn’t keep that much of a secret, but would rather he not talk about it anyway.

I liked Dane’s sense of humor, and his “powers” are all right, but he’s not very exciting on his own. I think it’s something to do with the novel’s mood and atmosphere. Although it deals with murder, heroes, and villains, it’s not exactly a dark book.

Heroes and Villains

Dane Curse’s world is pretty cool. And because we’re talking about super-powered people here, there are Kapowtzers and Kaos and MAGMAs and other guns we’ll never see in this lifetime. The criminal underworld is still shady, although more colorful, what with people having TK and super fast reflexes.


It’s a big world that deserves exploring and hopefully there’ll be more chances of seeing how this kind of world really operates.

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite detective fiction (Guess I’m more of a psychological evil, criminal mastermind fiction stuff), but it is a good read.

The only reason I’m giving this a 4 star is that I think there should’ve been some insight into Pinnacle’s life. He was the world’s “greatest superhero” and I just wanted to see a stronger side of Dane – something that says this ain’t a normal day for him.

But overall, it’s a good book worth reading, especially for fans of detective fiction and even those who love Marvel and DC.

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