Who’s “Saving London”? An Urban Fantasy Read by Taylor Dawn


Published: June 9, 2015; Booktrope Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads

In “Saving London,” young woman London Patterson is dying. Yes, that’s the first thing you’ll learn about her. She has cancer and her time on earth is numbered.

So what does London decide to do? She creates a list of things she wants to accomplish before the year is up. One day, she meets a strapping, but mysterious young man named Adam, who offers to help her fulfill her tasks around the world.

Quite generous of him. Add to that, he’s handsome, so London agrees. They travel the world. Unfortunately, Adam seems to be hiding a secret. He doesn’t like getting wet. He seems to know names of places, events, and persons most young men wouldn’t bother knowing.

To top it off, there’s suddenly a strange man named Caine following them around. You can probably guess the mythos behind the names now.

Turns out that London’s not an ordinary young women. She has the blood of a Fallen running through her veins, and her illness might not be so normal, after all.

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Prose and Dialogue

There’s some purple prose going on, though, thankfully, the dialogue is interesting enough for me to forgive that. The banter between Adam and London is never boring! I think it’s primarily because London is your classic deadpan snarker. She has the best sarcastic lines in the novel!

One thing that seems a bit OOC for someone who only has a few months left to live is her nonchalance when dealing with the paranormal suddenly happening around her.

I guess I just wanted to see an escalation of her emotional state after having learned about her illness and… the other secrets in her life.

One-shot Wonder

With the premise, I thought this would the start of a series, but I was wrong. The entire story was finished and tied neatly with a bow tie by the end of the book. It was a bit bittersweet, especially with the epilogue.

I think the world could have been expanded more, but I like how the story ended, how London’s story was fulfilled.

It’s a pretty decent story, all in all.


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