Why People Clamor for More of “A Dead Place Calls” by John White

Published: January 6, 2014; Self-Published
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First of all, why is this short? I wanted MORE! John White, wherever you are right now, hear this plea and write more of it! Your people are calling!

For those who haven’t read it yet, do so now before Helden calls for you. Seriously, though, read it and learn why it’s such a hit.

What’s it about, you ask? Finch Crushluck (some name, I know) has been pretending to be a “priest of Helden”, someone who can speak to the dead and who can tell whether it’s your “day” or not (yet) to save his neck.

Just his luck, though, that the Hand of God sends him on a task with a colossal knight to retrieve a boy who has seizures and can tell the future.

There are dwarfs (dwarves?), old and new gods, and salvation. Question is: Will Finch’s pretend-mystical powers save or doom him?

As you can see, the story’s simple enough, but John White writes in a way that makes you think about a dangerous world of old gods, untapped and feared power, and salvation.

Its Strength

The world and characters are painted clearly as if you could see the characters plainly in your mind’s eye. They can be hideous, terrible, suspicious, flawed, and courageous. It reminds me much of Pagan’s Crusade by Catherine Jinks. The characters aren’t glossed over by generic descriptions. They’re not devilshly handsome or angelically beautiful.

Its Weakness

I wouldn’t call it a weakness, but the story definitely warrants either a sequel or a series in that world where we get to see Finch and Oliver again. Aside from the cover (which, I think, could be better), this story is perfect.

Should You Read It?

Am I a bookworm? Yes.

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