Witness “Midnight Burning” by Karissa Laurel

Myths, female warriors, hot dudes! Yeah!

Solina Mundy goes to Alaska, determined to find who – or what – killed her brother. She gets more than she bargained for, when she finds out that her brother’s death has something to do with mythical beings, lost deities, and literally the end of the world.

Myths and Legends

Midnight Burning uses a premise from myth – Norse myth. But it’s a premise not used by many stories – the sun and moon swallowed by wolves.

It’s not your usual reincarnation story, and it has kick-ass characters, especially Skyla and the rest of the Valkyries.


Solina is pretty funny and witty, like so:

“Who else did you talk to?” –> brooding, handsome young god

“I talked to Nunya,” I said. “Like Nunya Business.”

Yeah, that cracked me up. But Solina certainly didn’t start like that. She is introduced, by her brother’s best friend, Val, as a Southern belle, polite and demure.

aw hell no

She’s certainly not like that. While there are times she says she doesn’t want to disrespect the douchebags hitting on her, she does a 180 when she threatens someone’s baby-maker while investigating her brother’s death.

It’s like Solina was meant to be a shy, polite girl, but then she showed her true colors – sassy & sarcastic – when she realized what it was she could really do.

Thorin and Val, the two got guys fighting over her, are fine, but not so engaging. Val transformed from a cool bestfriend to a possessive and overprotective, annoying not-boyfriend. Thorin (Oakenshield! – I can’t resist every time I read the name) is your brooding hero who looks like he wants to strangle the FMC, but actually is worried for her safety.


There are lots of rich people in the story. At first, they were just ordinary people looking for a murderer. Then, they were at a millionaires’ club parties. It seemed glamorous, until Solina gets kidnapped – but not by the bad guy.

The beginning was slow going, though. It wasn’t until around 30% into the story that things started to get interesting, there was some power-revelation.

Even then, though, people seemed very chill about it. No one went into hysterics.

It’s a good story, but it pretty much ends in a cliffhanger, so prepare for the next book! 🙂

Published: July 7, 2015; Red Adept Publishing, LLC | Amazon | Goodreads

4 thoughts on “Witness “Midnight Burning” by Karissa Laurel

    1. Well, Solina sure wasn’t boring! And yeah, many Norse myth modern fic focus on the bigwigs, but not much on the other characters in the myth, so this was a nice surprise.

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